Nicky Rainbow 


Im a 26 year old Photographer from The netherlands,  Urbex Photographer since 2017

Ive been on many Explorations but never took pictures, it was only later on I thought about to share the places that I go to.. So thats Basicaly how it all started.

Love making music, singing, piano, guitar and bass.

Since two years producing and writing songs.

The thing I love the most is to combine those two things and make music for my Urbex video's.


If you want a collab on something let me know!


Disclaimer Rating & Status

these are guidlines, I do not check at a location everyday, to see if its in the same condition.. 

Rating :

1 = not much left to see

2= some stuff left behind / nice arcitecture 

3= most stuff left behind / verry nice building

4= Location in verry good condition, or everything left behind, no vandalism

5= Best of the Best Abandoned Location


Status : 

open = you can enter the location. 

Closed = all entrances got locked or security 

demolished = The location got or will be demolished.

Renovated/Re opened = No longer Urbex.


Keep in mind that you cant break in to properties. Show some respect for other people belonings...

Take nothing but photographs leave nothing but footprints...


 Visiting these locations is illegal, I do not recommend visiting them, just want to share my photos.


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