Alla italia 

Abandoned Spa resort in Belgium, Visited on 01/2018

Built: 1868

Abandoned since: 2003

Rating: 5/5 

Status: Closed/Renovation


This time we finally found an entrance in this amazing location. For the last years many people tried to get in this massive buiding. Some found small gaps in Windows and doors and others were lucky, just like us. We entered through the back door. Only had to go over a big Gate in the town centre at the back of a parking lot. and there this amazing exploration begins.. 


Alla Italia is a old Spa & wellness resort in a Belgium town Centre. This was built in 1868 and designed in French Neo-Renaissance and inspired by Italian architecture by the architect L suys. 


Inside we find a beautiful main hall with amazing decorated ceiling, endless long hallways and endless rooms with baths. 

54 baths in total on the ground floor. Amazing stairs with Paintings can be found on almost every corner. 


As Amazing as this building is.. it couldn't keep up with modern standards. And when a newer spa opened nearby, this Spa was no longer needed and therefore abandoned. 


For now it looks like its gonna be renovated into apartments. but because of the bad condition of the building, its probably going to take years. 



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