Chateau LadyBug.

Abandoned Hotel  in Belgium, visited 12-2017

built: 1902

Abandoned since: 2012 

rating 2/5

Status: Re-Opened 


Chateau Ladybug, a beautiful luxury hotel and restaurant in neo-classical style. Built in 1902 on a garden of only 4 hectares.


Guests were welcomed in one of the 6 rooms on 2 floors. They could expect expensive champagne, nesspresso coffee and luxury beds in the room. They could borrow books from the castle's private library for entertainment.

In the Bar a choice of more than 700 different liquors.


This hotel was opened in 2005 and unfortunately due to disappointing results and problems with the staff, closed in 2009.


It was for for sale for 4.7 million but because the castle was really only suitable for culinary purposes.

The price was quickly reduced to 2.8 million.

the new owners were there in 2019 and the castle was reopened.



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