Sanatorium Du Basil

Abandoned Sanatorium in Belgium, visited on 06/18

Built: 1903

Abandoned since: 2013

Rating: 2/5

Status: Open / Sold


Sanatorium du Basil, one of the best known urbex locations in Europe. The location of this building is therefore no longer a secret. Not only the photographers have found it, the vandals have also caused a lot of damage. There is almost no window left and no wall unpainted.


The history of this sanatorium. It is the year 1900 and tubercolosis is an emerging deadly disease. there is no medicine yet, and the only solution for the patients is rest & clean air. The 150-meter-long building, built on a 420-meter high mountain, certainly offers fresh air. When a drug was found for tubercolosis, there was a surplus of sanatoriums ..


This building was used as a shelter for refugees from 2010 to 2013. But had to be closed due to the high costs for maintenance and heating.

The building was for sale for 1.5 million and was sold in 2019. What is going to happen with it is still unknown to me.


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