Shutter Island

Abandoned Asylum In Belgium, Visited on 07/2018

Built : 1932

Abandoned : -

Rating : 3/5

Status: Open

Shutters Island, also known as Lost asylum, is a psychiatric hospital in Belgium.

in 1928 this plot was purchased from the government to set up a psychiatric hospital. This for no less than 1.5 million Belgian francs. The first 10 patients stayed from 1932.
The founders found comfort and safety very important. There was also central heating and hot water, and all buildings were fireproof. Self-sufficient by the farm that was also located in the grounds, provided fruit, vegetables and meat.

in 1979 it became a university psychiatric center with 285 beds & 140 beds in a psychiatric care home.

the building that we entered is just one of the buildings of this huge center. It is clear that it now only serves as storage for a lot of old junk. There is, however a classroom and a Bar. But also very scary bedrooms with bathrooms and lots of children's stuff. What exactly the function of this building was was unclear to me.

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Nicky Rainbow
2 years ago

hey, to protect all places I visit. I can not give anyone the location

Rowena Besemsh
2 years ago

Hello my name is rowena, can i have a location? Because me and my friend are going to urbex locations and it is very beautiful! We want to go there so can you send tje location? I am from holland

Laura Knops
2 years ago

Where is the shutter island ? Can i have the adresse please ? I just wanna watch