Hospital Ami Popper

Abandoned hospital / elderly home  In France, Visited on 08/2019

built: 1865 

Abandoned in: 2009

Rating: 3/5

Status : Open

Also named : Hopital of the Saints. 

After a stop to get some breakfast on a really warm day.. We entered this Hospital in a small city in France. From the outside it looked amazing and we were in for a surprise finding a Chapel & Elderly home both abandoned on site. 


This hospital was founded in 1865 and it sure looks like that from the outside. In 1970 the Elderly home was built on site. The hospital turned into a rehabilitation and retirement home.

The founders of this hospital considered safety and better care of paramount importance. When they felt that the building no longer met all requirements and modernisation was no solution, They built a new building of 12,000 m2 next to the old hospital.

In 2009 the old hospital was no longer in use and abandoned.


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