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Radiotelescope in Germany, Visited on 06/2018

This is a Legal Location.

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Status: Open

Germany's first telescope for radio astronomy with a diameter of 25 m, built in 1956.


1979 - 1995 :  for student training for the University of Bonn 

1997  -  2004 : the telescope was owned by a digital audio company and used for musical festivals.

1999 :  listed for its industrial heritage.

2005 - 2006 The site is used and taken care of and opened the site to the public.
2010 : Astronomical observations have been resumed.


The site contains: 

Astropeiler  Radio telescope - parabolic reflector (25 meters aperture) 

Radio telescope - parabolic reflector (10 meter aperture) 

interferometer - two parabolic reflectors (1.2meter aperture) 

bonus : me playing my Uke at this location :) 


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