Benedict School

Abandoned University In Germany, visited on 04/18.

Built in: 1900

Abandoned since: 2008

Rating 2/5

This abandoned school, a huge location of 13,000 m2. Entrance in the dark basement, here we find a locker room, storage room and chemicals. Finally light at the end of the dark corridor ..

Round stairs and many windows determine the atmosphere. After a long walk through the endless corridors. We find a cafeteria and a kitchen.


The building consists of 3 parts. 2 wings connected by stairways and glass walls. Attached to the old main building. Clearly from the architectural style that this building was built in parts.

The main building dates from 1900. but the left wing is clearly 70s, while the right wing is much more modern

The future of this location is still unknown .. The building is still in reasonable condition. Except for a few classrooms where a fire was started. Hopefully something else will happen here, and it will no longer fall into disrepair


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