Ex Collegio Di Padri M

Visited on 08/2019

Built in : 1850

Abandoned since : 1990 

Rating: 2/5

Status : open


Collegio padri M
an empty building with classrooms, on a mountain in a small village.
In the basement a little surprise awaited us ... a beautiful chapel decorated with angels and gods. we also find the text 'fulgens stella maris' on one of the ceilings. This seems to be a song for the feast of visitation of the blessed virgin mary.

There is not much to be found about the history of this building. It owes its name to the founder Padri M (surname not mentioned due to location protection)
In 1960 there was a well-known Italian politician at this school.

currently the property is for sale for 80,000 euros. Condition description: complete state of neglect, unusable, uninhabitable and partly collapsed.



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