Oriental Gem

Visited : 08/2019

Built : 1850

abandoned since : 1990 

rating : 4/5


Oriental Gem is a beautiful villa in a small village in northern Italy. Built in 1850 by a rich family. All walls and ceilings are beautifully painted by a local artist.

The villa was inhabited over the years and used as a holiday home. In the second world war the owners and family came back to this villa. Most decided to leave cities because of the threat of bombing. The villa was looted in 1943. But this has not caused any further damage to the building.


In the years that followed it was still used as a holiday home for the family. But When the children grew up, the elderly died and each followed their own path. The villa remained lonely.


The building consists of three floors. The top floor, the staff rooms. are small dark and not decorated. Contrary to the rest of the house. Each room has its own theme, naturalistic and mythological themes.

The villa has an orchard on the 20,000 m2 plot and wine was also produced in the villa.


Nowadays it is still for sale and several feasibility studies have been conducted to decide on the fate of the villa. For example, a B&B, Luxury Spa or apartments were being considered.


Rating: 4 stars
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