Palazzo L Dei Conti

Visited : 08/2019

Built : 1700

Abandoned : 1960

Rating : 3/5




Palazzo L Dei Conti M, is a Castle / Palace in a small Italian village.  Through the thistles and nettles we enter the building through the back. The front lies Directly on a street and in a small village you don't want anyone to notice you, for as much that is possible with English license plate.


We are being followed by a Man & Women.  The woman does not seems to care about being noticed  and speaks loudly in Italian. At first, we assume that these are also Urbexers. The woman is holding a camera. Once inside she gives the man a tour and tells him everything in fast Italian. We could not understand any of it.  But it was clear that they did not come to take pictures. We asked her if it was okay for us to take pictures and she indicated that she didn't care so much.


This castle was built around 1700. We find on the floor in one of the rooms  Teresa E Luigia 1859.
It is the former holiday residence of a count in the province. They come from Turin and are an important influential family. I cannot go into too much detail about this family because I want to protect the location.


Others say this location was abandoned in the 60s. I  found an old newspaper from 1964 in  one of the rooms. The property would be for sale. but I could not find this myself. perhaps the man we saw would be the buyer and therefore the woman gave him the tour? I do not know what the future of this building is. It is in pretty poor condition and will cost a fortune to renovate. 

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