Red Cross Hospital

Visited on 08/2019

built: 1920

Abandoned in: 1980

Rating: 4/5

Status : Open


This time we visit a building in the mountains of northern Italy called red cross hospital. The building located high in a mountain area, has a beautiful view on one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy.


On the front of the building we read 'Sacra famiglia Camilliani'.
This institute founded by the holy family had the nickname 'Paradiso Dei Bambini' which means children's paradise. Hard to imagine  if you look at the photos of this location.


The building has four floors. On the first floor we find a classroom and a small old-fashioned kitchen. On the second floor a dining room and the first floor of the small chapel.
On the 3rd floor it becomes really interesting with bedrooms, dormitory with bathroom. here is also access to the balcony of the chapel. On the top floor we find more dormitories with endless rows of beds.

Here we shoot the pictures we came for ..

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