Villa Mint

Visited on 08/2019

Built in : 1750-1800

Abandoned since : -

Rating: 4/5

Status : open

Villa mint, a location that I really wanted to visit. Once arrived the entrance was not that easy. No matter how, we had to get in. We took the risk and climbed to the first floor. Not much to see on the outside but once inside we were surprised by what we found. A beautiful central hall decorated with beautiful details. We soon came to the conclusion that it was more than worth the climb.
The villa built between 1750-1800 consists of 4 floors of 500 m2 each. designed by a local architect with details from the battle between Spain and Italy that took place in a nearby village. Inhabited by influential people and Barons over the years.
Currently for sale for 500,000 euros. With no plans for the future, will this ever be restored? 


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Guttorm Isaksen
a year ago

I would like more about who to contact for the purpose of negiotiating a purchase of the property. I would also like to know more about listings and regulations for the property.